S&T Lipo 11.1v 2000mAh 3 separate battery(10*19*122*3)

S&T Lipo 11.1v 2000mAh 3 separate battery(10*19*122*3)

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Weight (g): 82 g
Dimensions (mm): 10*19*122mm*3
Specifications (mAh): 2000

WARNING! Lithium batteries (LiPoly/LiMn) are extremely volatile and must be handled and charged properly. Please read instructions before use.

You MUST read, understand, and agree to freely accept and fully assume all risks associated with the use of a lithium polymer (LiPoly) battery. You agree to be responsible for all losses and release the manufacturer and reseller of this product from any liability arising from your purchase and use of this product. MISUSE AND CARELESS USE MAY CAUSE FIRE, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH!

Lithium polymer batteries are compact, lightweight, and can release extremely high voltages. They have become the optimized power source for airsoft, RC car, and RC plane users. However, these batteries MUST be handled with proper care as misuse, improper use, or careless use will not only damage the batteries but may result in fire or injuries.

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